My Mother's Day & Mothering Sunday.

Updated: May 11, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mums.

A handmade gift from my daughter. Her father made the frame and she created the rest herself. I love it. 😍

I had such a good Mother's Day although we celebrated it yesterday but it made me think. This is just some of the thoughts that went through my mind today.

Remembering those gone before.

Mother‘s Day is not always a happy day for all of us. In life we love and we lose! 😢 My mother has been gone now for 12 years and I think about her lots, but more so on days such as this, as I’m sure you do yours. Today is a day we remember them. A day we give thanks to all our mothers whether they have passed or still with us. We thank them for the love, protection, lessons and sacrifices they made for us. This is also a day that mothers think of a child lost. Grown children whose upbringing was not the relationship they’d wished for, think of how it could have been. Those who struggle to, or can’t have children... the list goes on. My thoughts are with you and sending love your way. 💕

When someone you love becomes a memory… that memory becomes a treasure!

The initial meaning behind Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday?

A long story short. Mothering Sunday celebrated in the UK goes as far back as the 1600’s and had nothing to do with mothers. It was more religious based, as in the churches or the overarching “mothering church”. Whereas Mother's Day was created by American Anna Jarvis in 1908 to honour her mother "who had been a militant peace activist during the US Civil War", although her original intent was not the commercialized event we all know and celebrate today in Canada.

Baking Simnel cake, a light fruit cake (Recipe) was one of the traditions of Mothering Sunday back home. Who knew? Must be an English thing or in Scotland we just called it plain old fruit cake haha Either that or I’m just too young to know.😜

Afternoon tea & cake with my daughter. Yummy cake!

My daughter baked me a cake but it wasn’t a Simnel cake, it was a beautiful 3 tier mascarpone berry cake (Recipe). I have never heard of mascarpone before (an Italian Cream Cheese). Where have I been? Delicious cake, along with home baked scones, sandwiches and fruit salad (need one healthy food), and of course a good pot of tea. All made with love for a perfect intimate afternoon tea. It felt like we were somewhere else and not just stuck at home. Now I want to convert my living room into a tearoom ;) It sure was a special day. To top it off, my son, daughter-inlaw and grandchildren dropped off a gift and I am so grateful to see their wee faces. One must enjoy the simple things as these are often the most important in life.

Being a mother is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. In my opinion, there is no training or any "how to" book that can tell us how to perfect being a mother, as no book fits all. Many can help guide us, or give us tips but we have to make our own decisions on how we parent our own. Each birth is different. Each child is different. Both my children have brought me so much love and joy, however they also caused me a few grey hairs with some of their more complex issues and problems, just like the rest of us.

There's no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one. Jill Churchill

Many a time I wanted to pull my hair out. Life as a young mum was stressful at times... especially when we reached those teenage years! It doesn’t matter how old our children are, we never stop worrying about them and we love them warts an’ all. I’ve been a good mum and I've been a shitty mum and other times I think I must have done something right as I'm also a proud mum. If you are a young mum, you are walking a path other mothers have walked before you. Don't be hard on yourself as you can only do the best that you possibly can, just as your mothers did. At the end of the day a mothers wish for her children is that they will be safe, healthy, happy and kind. I sure hope my kids remember how good they had it and will take care of me in my old age... lol

As I close I just want to touch on Covid19. We are all going through a rough time of it right now. Mothers (fathers & carers) are coping being stuck at home, stressing about their kids, finances, work etc. We (mothers & grandmothers) are missing our children and grandchildren. We will get through this, just like our parents and grandparents and generations before them did. Most generations have dealt with some world disaster or another. I for one can’t wait until we get back to normal (granted it will be a new normal) so I can get those tight hugs from my grandchildren. One is starved of that happy feeling you get from a basic hug. This quote from Princess Diana says it all.

"Hugs can do great amounts of good... especially for children."

I hope you and yours are well and staying safe.

Much Love and Hugs.

Happy Mother’s Day

Karen x

Source and history behind Mothering Sunday, UK and Mother’s Day.

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