Giving Tuesday: We all have it in us to give

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver." ~ Barbara De Angelis

It has been a hard year for families and individuals all across the globe but also a difficult one for many organizations whose services are more in need than ever, due to the Covid pandemic. In our own community of Airdrie like many others, we have families who have found themselves in a position that no one wants to be. They are struggling to pay the bills, keep the roof over their heads and put food on the table. All essential needs to surviving in this crazy old world.

Airdrie Food Bank is trying to meet the daily need for food and Airdrie Lioness Club - Airdrie Lioness Club Hamper Foundation with their seasonal Christmas Hamper program. They could both do with our support.

With many people losing their jobs and at home we are also hearing of an increase in domestic/family violence, child abuse/neglect and addictions. This increases the need for services that organizations such as Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society and Community Links offer. Both essential services in our community.

Mental health issues have filtered into many of our lives. The sadness, loneliness, depression, anxiety are effects of this pandemic that will take more than a vaccine to cure. We have organizations that add normality and a small piece of hope and connection. Boys and Girls Club or Airdrie an agency I worked for over 11 years with, offer a safe place for children and youth to go...the kids must be struggling right now. Airdrie Meals On Wheels deliver meals in our community offering not only a meal but a friendly face, maybe the only face their clients see in a day.

Although right now our focus is the Covid pandemic, people don’t stop living their lives, however that may look. People are still homeless and starving. People (our family, friends, neighbours) don’t stop being sick or stop dying. We still need to find a cure for many diseases taking our loved ones. Issues only increase through difficult times and our social service organizations try the best they can with the government funding they receive, grants and...donations! Social service programs and services is typically one of the first to be on the chopping board for funding cuts yet when we go through tough economic times or pandemics (who knew) these are the organizations we need and lean on the most.

Airdrie & District Hospice Society

Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation

Inn from the Cold

Crohns and Colitis Foundation

Alberta Cancer Foundation

This is just a short list of organizations I have personally supported or have some sort of relationship with but there is so many amazing organizations out there doing great work. If you are in a position to help by donating to these causes or other cause please do as they really need our help right now.

To all those organizations and agencies out there, thank you for everything you do.

Karen xx

"Wherever there is a need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference." ~ Kevin Heath