Red Flags

May 9, 2016 | Jodi Tebb

Until we experience healthy relationships, we don't understand normal.


If we have missed the “red flags” in relationships before, we sure don’t want to be caught in a situation where we have missed them again.

We love, but we are discerning with our trust. Almost to the point of being unfair to the “good guys”.

The best way I have found to navigate this is to be open, and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Admit your fears out loud.

Don’t be afraid to say, I’m scared to love and I’m scared to trust… what if I trust the wrong people?

If someone has earned their way into your circle of trust, even if only on the edge, remember they are human and afraid too. As long as they are visibly trying to make your relationship work, that’s worth something isn’t it?

Maybe in that situation, a Red Flag doesn’t have to be a deal breaker… but an area of growth for both of you.

Jodi Tebb